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" I'm Eddie Booth,  I could tell you about our very high pass rates and why we come so highly recommended, but talk  I guess you've heard it all before so don't listen to us just let our customers to do the talking for us".
Eddie Booth

Driving School Director

Happy Customers is the best way to get Customers

The best way to describe Eddie Is thoroughly professional. He was always punctual and always stayed calm, despite some of my ridiculous mistakes. Any pre test nerves were gone by the time I'd had an hour in the car with him to practise. His attention to detail catching things like signals and mirrors is second to none and really made me feel well drilled, not just like I'd been thrown into the test. I'd recommend him to anyone .Thom Foster
Thom Foster, Little Horwood

Thom is just one of 150 Customer Reviews on our Website.

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That All Important


1st Time Pass

Each Driving lesson will have a clear  objective. There is  no  'driving around' with not knowing  what you are trying to learn
You will learn faster with our up to date teaching methods.
Regular Recaps that will help you to learn much  quicker.
You will be interactive in your Driving Lessons (we wil will actively encourage you with questions to clarify any misunderstandings that you may have)
 Two hour lessons will benefit You,  and a regular weekly slot will help you to ensure you get the best possible value for your money and continuity to reduce your learning period.
All lessons will end with a Recap summary  to clarify on what you have been learning place and to make sure you have a firm understanding before leaving the vehicle.(Its a proven fact, that what you discuss in the final 5 minutes will stay in your Mind until the next Driving Lesson)

100% Risk FREE Guarantee.

"What else can I do to make you feel that we really are your best option for a Driving School and to gaining your full licence and the all important independence that goes with it". event  ". Eddie.

Eddie or Glynis will be delighted to discuss your individual requirements and advise on instructor availability.

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